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Finished translating and adapting into English the legend of the potatoe. This is an ancient story from the Aymaras, an indian people from Peru. The story retells, how the potatoe became a gift from the gods to the Sapalla people, who have been enslaved by the Caris. There is plenty of difficult names, Gods, the eruption of a volcanoe, and some mischief as well.

I researched the story in a number of Spanish-speaking websites and enlarged and adapted it for storytelling. I hope to be able to do this kind of work regularly to increase the availability of stories from Latin America to non-Spanish speaking audiences. If you chose to tell the story, please let me know. I told the story this week to the DigiStory club as part of Burn's night Celebrations. Have a look at the full text of the story in Stories from the Americas.

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