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The Moment of Impact: How to Have Presence

I'm presenting a free teleseminar and discussion on this subject for story practitioners next Wednesday 8th April, and am really looking forward to it. It's hosted by the Worldwide Story Work ning forum, a parallel forum to this Professional Storyteller network. If you have any interest in applying storytelling to work it's a great community and you can join for free. And I'd love to hear you on the call. If you've not been on a teleconference before, it's easy - just call the phone number at 4pm New York time (9pm in the UK) and you'll be able to converse with everyone present. Full details are under the Events tab on Worldwide Story Work at

Presence is a crucial ingredient in making the most of the power of story, whether you are telling your story, helping others to tell theirs, or simply leading a workshop.

In this session I'm looking forward to revealing my surprising 3-part model for developing the live skills that give storytelling its power, that I've developed from 19 years of research.

The power of stories is greatest when in a live, interactive situation because the potential change and understanding happens 'in the moment' for people. Having a story is only half of the picture, affecting people with it is the other. The live present is where that moment of impact always happens best, so mastering the moment is very rewarding.

So come to this teleseminar on Wednesday for discussion on the nature of presence and how to develop and use it in your story work.

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