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The Mousedeer and the Dog - Mousedeer

The farmer was happy to take the mousedeer home with him. It was not easy to catch the clever mousedeer, and since this time, he was able to do so, he surely would call a party, and asked his wife to cook the mousedeer and prepared it as a main dish.

The mousedeer knew that he would end up as a dish in the farmer's house, so he kept on thinking how to escape from the farmer's house. When the farmer was near to his house, the farmer's pet, the dog, who had been loyal to the farmer, quickly ran and greeted the farmer. The dog was happy as well to see his master could catch the cunning mousedeer.

The farmer put the mousedeer inside a cage in front of his house, and asked the dog to guard the mousedeer.

"No matter what you do, don't let him free!" told the farmer to the dog.

The dog promised to keep his eyes on the mousedeer and never let him go.

After the farmer left them both, the mousedeer whispered to the dog. "Hey, dog! Here! I want to talk to you!" said the mousedeer.

The dog glared at the mousedeer and replied, "I don't want to talk to you."

"Please don't be so mean to me..." said the mousedeer, "do you know why the farmer taking me here, to his house?"

"Of course," answered the dog, "my master caught you, and soon my master's wife will make you as a dish."

"Well, my friend, just as I thought! You git it all wrong!"

"What do you mean?" asked the dog suspiciously, "What do you mean I am wrong?"

"Do you know what your master's wife is doing now?"

"Yes, she is preparing stuffs to cook you..."

"No," answered the mousedeer, "She is not going to cook me, she is cooking for me..."

"WHAT?" the dog laughed. "That's impossible! I am sure my lady is going to cook you!"

"You see..." replied the mousedeer, "Your master invite me here in the first place to have a party for me. He was so proud to have me, the cleverest animal in this jungle, to visit his house today."

"No way!" said the dog, "If it is true, how come he put you inside the cage?"

"Huh? This cage? This cage is to protect me from anyone who wants to harm me and you, my friend, is asked to guard me." smiled the mousedeer to the dog.

The dog was upset. He believed what the mousedeer had told him. He felt jealous to the mousedeer. "It's not fair! After so many years, I worked for my master, never once he made a party for me." he growled. "But you! You're just a mousedeer, and sometimes you steal in my master's farm, and yet he still makes a party for you!"

"Yeah..." said the mousedeer, "After I think about it, it is not fair at all... You're the one who deserve more to be in this special place, instead of me. You're much more better than I am."

The mousedeer showed his 'sympathy'.

"I got an idea!" The mousedeer added, "why don't we change place? You can take my place and let me go home quietly so the farmer won't find out. I will let you sit and wait here in the cage, when the farmer comes here, he will see you, and not me, and when he can't find me, he won't want to have the party wasted, right? So he has no choice than to let you become the star of his party!"

The dog smiled. "Yeah, that's an excellent idea! Let's do that!"

And so the exchanged place. The dog opened the cage and let the mousedeer out. Afterward, the dog entered cage replacing the mousedeer. The mousedeer left the dog and ran hurriedly back to the jungle.

So, I think you already know what will happen next. Yup! When the farmer came back to see his mousedeer, he couldn't find any, instead he found his pet dog sitting in the cage. The farmer got so mad that he chased away the dog and did not allow the dog to return home before the poor dog could find the mousedeer.

The story will be continued with how the mousedeer escaped himself from the dog... See you! Hope you enjoy this wonderful fable.

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