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The Mousedeer and the Dog - chapter 2

Even though the mousedeer was able to run away from the farmer, but he was not able to escape from the dog for the dog had an excellent smelling sense. No matter where he went or where he hid himself, the dog would surely find him. So having no where else to run, the mousedeer had to find a way to make the dog stop chasing him everywhere.

Near by, he saw a bee hive hanging high on the branch of an oak tree. Seeing the hive gave him an idea of how to escape from the dog. He cam closer to the tree and sat right under the bee hive, pretending to be very relaxing, waiting for the dog to come and get him.

Not far away, the dog could see him, and angrily he rushed toward the mousedeer, but when he realized that the mousedeer did not try to escape or even move, he rose his curiosity.

"There you are, you naughty Mousedeer," called the dog, "Come and follow me to see my master! How dare you trick me to let you go!"

The mousedeer just looked at him and answered, "I'm sorry, my dear friend, but I'm afraid I can't follow you now."

"What?" said the dog, "that's not a request, that's an order!"

"Well, you see, my dear friend," the mousedeer apologized, "I can't leave th place where I'm sitting now, I have to stay here, because I have an important task to do and no one else besides me can take over my task."

"What task?" asked the dog curiously.

"I have to guard the bell of the Gods there," said the Mousedeer while pointing at the bee hive, "I must make sure that no one touch it."

"Why is it so important? What's so special with that bell?" The dog looked at the 'bell' carefully. He had never seen a bee hive before, that was why he believed the Mousedeer in the first place.

"Well, whoever can sound the bell, he will be the most famous animal in this jungle," the Mousedeer answered. "If I can guard it, God has allowed me to sound it once."

It was quite attempting fro the dog to try to sound the bell, so he told the Mousedeer, "oh, may I try to sound it too?"

"What for? You're famous already! You don't need this bell anymore!"

"Yes, I know I'm quite famous," said the Dog fluttered, "But I also want to be more famous." The dog begged him. "Please, please, please. Let me try! Just this once!"

"But I'm scared the Gods will know, and they will be mad at me!"

The dog kept on pleading.

After thinking it for a while - the Mousedeer pretended - the Mousedeer finally allowed him to do so with one condition. "Since you have been kind to me, I think I canl let you to try. I will let you take my position guarding this bell, so even if the Gods know, they will not be mad at you, since you have helped them gurading their bell."

"Yes! That's a good idea, I will replace you and guard this bell for the Gods!"

"But, you must know, you can only sound this bell by the time the sun sets. You must wait until the sun sets, then you can sound it. When you do it, the sound will reach everyone in the jungle whereever they are and you will be famous."

"Fine, I understand." answered the Dog.

Then the Mousedeer quickly ran away and left the Dog sitting under the tree, looking after the bee hive. The Dog waited patiently, hoping the sun would set soon and he could sound the bell.

Finally, the time had arrived. The dog was thrilled to see the sun set. He stood up on his feet and backed away for some distance preparing himself to take a great leap to hit the bell. When he found it was far enough for him to run and he started running! He jumped as high as he could to touch the bell. And when he did, I think all of us know what will happen next.

The 'bell' was actually a bee hive. And when the dog hit it, all the bes inside hurriedly flew out of their hive and attacked the dog. The poor dog ran as fast as he could, and fortunately he could find a river nearby where he jumped into and was saved from the bees' attack.

The dog got even angrier at the Mousedeer and promised to catch him.

To be continued - :)

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