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The Mousedeer and the Dog - chapter 3

After the dog managed to get out of the river and dry himself, he continued running after the Mousedeer, and again the Mousedeer was easily found by the sharpness of the dog's nose.

The Mousedeer was tired running around the jungle that he forced himself to think up an idea to stop the dog forever. When he was hiding behind the bushes, he was startled to find a sleeping snake just right behind him. But then, it gave him another idea to escape from the dog.

He quickly got out from the bushes and sat. Soon, the dog found him and was ready to bite him. But when the dog saw that the Mousedeer was calm and not panic at all, he knew that the Mousedeer had something in mind.

"You, Mousedeer, what are you doing here? Why aren't you running away when you see me?"

"I'm not going anywhere." said the Mousedeer calmly.

"Don't try anything funny now. Follow me home or I'll bite your legs off and drag ou all the way there!"

"I can't. I'm sorry, my friend, I have to stay here otherwise the Gods will kill me for sure!"

"You can't trick me twice!" The dog was getting mad.

"Sorry, I've tricked you before, but I had no choice, or you will catch me and take me with you, and I cannot stay here and do my job."

"What is your job actually?" asked the Dog curiously.

"You see, actually I was asked to guard this beautiful belt f the Gods. That's why I lied to you because I cannot tell anyone about this." The Mousedeer pointed at the snake and called it the belt.

The dog had never seen a snake before, so he just believed in whatever the Mousedeer told him. He looked at the 'belt' carefully and was amazed of its beautiful skin.

"Yes, indeed it's a beautiful belt. What happen if anyone wear it?" asked the Dog.

"Well, anyone who wear it will be the strongest in the jungle since the belt can give you enormous strength just like the Gods." answered the Mousedeer.

"Wow! Can I wear it too?" asked the Dog.

"Why? You are strong enough, you don't need it."

"But I need to be stronger so I don't have to work for the farmer anymore. So, please let me wear it."

"I'm afraid I cannot let you do that. The Gods will surey kill me!"

"No, they don't. Just tell them, you asked me to guard it for you, because you know that I'm stronger than you. They'll appreciate you instead."

After a while, the Mousedeer agreed. "Okay, I'll let you wear it, but please wait until you cannot see me again!"


"Because I don't trust, later you'll get strong and want to take revenge on me for lying to you before." explained the Mousedeer.

"No, I won't do that."

"Just to make sure, you have to promise me to wait until I'm gone!"

Finally, the Dog promised to wait till he couldn't see the Mousedeer anymore. The Mousedeer did not want to waste any time that he quickly ran away leaving the Dog with the snake. When he was sure the Mousedeer had completely disappeared, the Dog lifted the 'belt' carefully and put it around his waist. How shocked he was when he saw that the 'belt' had a head and a pair of sharp eyes. The snake instantly woke up and was mad. Fortunately, the dog managed to escape himself from the snake who was about to bite him.

The dog got very scared and ran as fast as he could out of the jungle and returned home safely.

Well - that's the end of the story how the Mousedeer can save himself from troubles cleverly.

Good moral: Never underestimate those who are small in size cause they can think big also.

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