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THE NAKED SOUL OF STORYTELLING - Seeing Through A Glass Darkly

A Native American once told me that clouds reflect the soul of the river. One-sided images of everyday life barely, rarely, reflect what is true, because TRUTH is TRANSPARENT and, day-to-day, we tend to see through a glass darkly...the images we take in have a way of impressing our state of health and superimposing the landscape of our soul--- mission central for the animation and imagination of our lives. Unkind actions and words don't originate in the un-circumferenced beauty of Soul, but from the unfiltered overlays that we allow to stagnate in our perceptions, much like dark clouds keep a bright and shining sunshine from our view. You've probably seen how a stormy picture can change right before your eyes, if you've ever taken off in an airplane and reached a higher elevation, above the storm clouds. The first time I experienced this, in my early 20's, I felt completely.transformed by the effect. It's when I first began to think about not allowing myself to enter the storms that could suddenly burst into my life, but rather, take out my umbrella, and know that it is just passing through...and I could trust that the sun was still shining, especially after seeing how with my own eyes. I learned that I could shift my thinking and elevate my perspective and, ultimately, change my experience from one of gloom or dread to one of joy. I've learned that, more than anything, we need each other to navigate through stormy weather, and, when I find myself weathering Life alone, a story becomes like an umbrella, and holds me together. Telling stories is powerful. Storytelling is an inscription of THE WORD upon the soul...stories weave texture and color into the fabric of our communities and our lives. Stories have a way of allowing us to look at 'the other side' of an image. A story can be an illustration of Life in a mirror... reflecting sleeping giants of greatness in all of us. Your story is a blessing for the book of my own life. THANK YOU for your stories, and may you always be able to SEE THROUGH your nights and shine in your days.

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Comment by Don 'Buck P' Creacy on July 12, 2009 at 6:02am
Hello Mara

I agree with you. It is a wonderful practice to see each part of the story from different angles and perspectives. I had a similar experience to your airplane flight, as we got closer to the top side of the clouds the bright light seemed to be as though we were pressing into the essence of "glory" or heaven or something other worldly. Once I had a story in mind, I was visualizing the jeering crowd, the compassionate on-lookers, the pitiful victim, and then an eagle eyed perspective. I cannot think of this story again without seeing those characters differently.

The other side . . . all the characters are justified in their own minds. So are we . . . we justify ourselves and the moment someone protests there starts up a list of defenses as long as our arm. I love to see both sides of the story in a story. Thank you for this terrific post.




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