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Everyone knows that a turtle cannot fly, however there was this little turtle who had a dream, and only one dream in his whole life that he was able to fly high in the sky. The little turtle never stopped trying, as every morning he would climb a tree and tried to jump from the branches and flapped his hands. But as we all can guess, he was always falling down right to the ground.

Poor little turtle... but though it was quite hurt, he never gave up. One day, he realized that his effort was not working, he thought he needed a teacher to teach him how to fly. He need to find someone that was excellent in flying, and that 'one' was no other than the Great Eagle. Every time when he was laying on his back, he could see how great the Eagle could soar in th sky. So that day, he decided to go to beg the Eagle to teach him to fly.

The little turtle finally met the Eagle in his nest. "Great Eagle, please help me!" begged him with his teary eyes, "I need you to teach me to fly just like you can."

The Eagle looked at him deeply and was amused. If he did not consider the turtle's sincerity, he had to be laughing at him now. He knew a turtle could not fly, but he did not want to disappoint the turtle, so he refused him gently. "I'm sorry, I'm quite busy that I don't have time to teach you."

"Oh, please, Great Eagle, please teach me. I'll do anything for you..." the Turtle begged him again.

"You see, little Turtle. Don't be angry, but I don't think you can fly. God made turtles to swim, not fly like us the birds."

The turtle was discouraged. He went home thinking what the eagle had told him. He thought it was not fair for only the birds that had wings. But wait - that's it! The turtle suddenly got an idea. He finally knew the reason he could not fly. It was because he did not have any wing or feather on his body. If only he had feathers, he might be able to fly just like the eagle. But how to get the eagle's feather?

The next day, the turtle came to see the Eagle again. When the Eagle saw him, the Eagle called, "Well, my dear turtle, I thought I've told you that I cannot teach you how to fly."

The turtle smiled and said, "Yes, my Great Eagle, this time I won't ask you to teach me, but I want you to take me with you flying high to the sky." He added, "You see, it has been my dream to able to fly to the sky and see how blue it is, but since like you said, I don't have any wing, please take me with you just for once."

The Eagle shook his head. Still, he refused the turtle's wish.

"Oh, please, great Eagle, take me with you and I'll give you these presents." He put out beautiful jewelleries, and said "They're all yours, I take them from the treasure box deep inside the sea, - but that if you are willing to take with you."

Seeing all the precious gems, the Eagle finally agreed. "But just this once, I'll carry in my feet to fly up there."

"Oh, yes, sure. I promise I'll be good."

So, off they went. The Eagle carried the turtle in his feet. When they reached the clouds, the Turtle was very happy. Never in his life, he saw so many white clouds, and it felt like he swam in the clouds.

The Eagle asked, "Is it high enough?"

"No," the Turtle answered. "Higher!"

Again, the Eagle flew higher, passing the clouds. "Is it high enough?"

"No," the Turtle answered. "Higher!"

Again, the Eagle flew higher, passing the stars. "Is it high enough?"

"No," the Turlte answered, "Higher, please!"

The Eagle flew higher until he almost reachd the sun. It was so bright that it almost blinded him. "I can't go any further. This is the highest I can take you."

"Yes, it's enough!" said the Turtle. Knowing the Eagle couldn't see him because of the bright light, the Turtle turned his body a bit and quickly he pulled two feathers out of the Eagle's tail. The turtle stole the Eagle's feathers.

When the Turtle pulled his feathers, instantly the Eagle was surprised and "Ouch!" - instantly, he let go of his grasp of the Turtle, and he dropped the Turtle.

On the way down, the Turtle tried to use the feathers he got by flapping it up and down. But not matter how hard and how fast he flapped it, the feathers could not make him fly. With a loud thud, he fell on the ground.

Well - we know what happen to him after he fell from a very high place. But then, it'll be a lesson for us all to always appreciate what God's given us and be thankful for it.

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