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I just spent a day in the presents of Greatness. I was lucky enough to tell at the Weber State Storytelling Festival. This festival is a little different then most I have been to. It takes place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and young folks are bused in from elementary and junior high schools from all over the region to hear local, regional, treasured and national storytellers. There is also a Bilingual Voices section. In addition to the kids coming to the storytellers, storytellers are sent to schools to tell and workshop.
The Festival is Great, but the last concert was beyond Great. The four national tellers put on a show that I wouldn’t soon forget. I don’t believe you could find four more different telling styles then these four have, but they mixed into a show that was just, WOW! They were Diane Ferlatte, Angela Lloyd, Tim Tingle, and Randel McGee, (you can see him on this site.) I will say it again, WOW!
If you haven’t heard about Weber State Storytelling Festival, you can look it up at and see what the hubbub is all about. Or you could come and see it, next years festival will be held on February 22-24, 2010. I would also incurage you to audition, contact Dr. Ann Ellis at and ask for details.
I was inspired to be a better storyteller by attending this event and I think you all should know about it.
Keep telling
Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller

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