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Recently a few spammers contacted members, asking to be emailed back for something "of interest to you."  They were quickly removed as soon as it was known.  I asked new member, Tom Doty, if I could post this for him so you don't think he's spamming.  I've known Tom for many years through the email list, Storytell. He's definitely a long time Professional Storyteller -- 33 years sharing native stories.  Look at his site to see what I mean.  He currently  may lose his home due to a major downturn in gigs caused by federal budget cuts.  Unlike spammers, Tom offers donors an MP3 of his latest Doty & Coyote story, "Story Tree at Kilchis Point" -- pre-release!  That's for $25 or more, but he would appreciate any donation.  His site mentions PayPal which also works for international donations, but I'm sending a check to his p.o. box of P.O. Box 3397, Ashland, OR 97520.

When I mentioned the MP3 is a pre-release, he also says: if you happen to be in my area in mid September, I'd be honored to have you as my guest at a House Concert I'm doing in Ashland, Oregon.

I can't make that trip, but maybe you can.


While talking about this, please know the very real need to support this network to keep it online.  I'm on another Ning network for Mountain Dulcimer players and makers.  If you can believe it, members support it way better than members here on P.S.  I also know The World of Storytelling, by our network owner, Don "Buck" Creacy is doing very well in ratings. (I believe I heard it was 13th in Talk Radio!), but needs more financial help through storyteller and festival advertising to keep alive this excellent way of presenting storytelling to the world of internet radio. 

Neither Buck nor Tom asked me to write this.  It's my idea.  Storytelling doesn't come with healthcare and pensions.  We are all self-employed.  Even planning for a supplemental income or investment doesn't guarantee security.  U.S. storytellers may remember Jackie Torrance as an example of her good planning not being adequate when she hit a health crisis.

As I said in my title: This Could Be Any of Us.

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