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Hello fellow storytellers, the time has come - I've left my London job subtitling and committed myself fully to the road of story.

In January I go to Asia on a tour of India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Phillipines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka until November 2011.

I plan to collect stories, tell stories, create stories and send stories home via YouTube. I would really love to meet up with other storytellers in these countries so if anyone knows anyone on this route please, please put me in touch.

We're starting off by going to the Literary Festival in Jaipur at the end of Jan, but if anyone knows of anything else going on in that area that is story related I'm also very interested.

To keep me focused I've challenged myself to upload a story a week onto YouTube.

Wherever I am in the world I'll be telling a story and sending it back.

I launched this three weeks ago. I was in Ireland, so unsurprisingly it was raining! And I chose to start with my favourite of all fairy tales - Sleeping Beauty.

The following week was remembrance week, I was in the Peak District and so I told a story of a soldier... a tin soldier:

And this week I was in Yorkshire and I've been working hard on my Greek Myths of the Zodiac (audio download series soon to be uploaded to iTunes), so as Sagittarius starts this week I told the story associated with Sagittarius - Chrion:

All feedback most welcome and if you're based in any of those countries, know someone who is or know of anything I should check out whilst there - please do get in touch.

Thanks for reading, I'll be blogging on my site and will try and add some of the blogs that might hold interest to you on here too.

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