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I am going to be performing storytelling at two venues in March.  The first is
Monday, March 21 @ Porchlight,  San Francisco...I will be part of their "Fashion" show...the focus there is on personal stories.  About 5-6 tellers in all each with a 10 minute tale.  I'll be telling a story about my father and his suits (although I'm trying to weave the odyssey in there somehow)...
Here is the web page for that one:   go there for all kinds of info--you can get tickets at the door for that one (it's at the verdi club in San Francisco--they have a great bar and some food there as well)
Then, the following Saturday, March 26 I'll be telling a traditional tale in Oakland--The Judgement of Paris (the golden apple)--part of my longer telling of The Odyssey, which is in the works.
It's part of the new TENT series for performance artists of all types--not just storytellers,
in the Temescal section of Oakland. I'll be performing with a musician, Michael Hammond.   The website for that one is
This one is free, but you need to reserve tickets in advance.  Both are very different types of stories and events.  I hope to see you at one, the other, or both.  Both events are at 8 pm.

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