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I am so glad I live in Virginia. I also hope you're happy where you live too, but lately the opportunities to hear good storytelling has been popping up in my backyard, so to speak. Today, President's Day, I had the pleasure of hearing Charlotte Blake Alston down in Newport News. She is outstanding. Don't miss hearing her if you can. (p.s. it was also free--SWEET!) Secondly, coming right here to Williamsburg, the official home of my humble site... uh, and my home, are three fantastic tellers: Kim Weitkamp, Bil Lepp & Andy Offutt Irwin. At 7:30 March 13 they will all three be at the Williamsburg Library on Scotland St. 15 bucks averages out to 5 bucks a teller and that's a good price in these poor economic times. I love Virginia.

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