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I'm in the process of starting a storytelling podcast called "Old Father Williams - A Storytelling Man." The format's pretty simple: I interview a storyteller about how they became a teller, who (or what) their influences are, ask them to share a story, & then tell a story of my own. The definition of 'Storyteller' will be pretty broad, too, including writers, singers, poets, etc. I've got six interviews "in the can" so far, & am working with a local (Emmy winning!) musician developing theme & transition music. Tentative target date for first release is June 1st. Most of my current interviews are with members of "Storytellers of New Mexico," but I'll be looking to expand my reach. While I'm not yet set up for remote/telephone interviews yet, I'm working on it & would like to include some folks from "Professional Storyteller," too. My background includes radio & television interviewing, anchoring live & remote broadcasting, stage work, playwriting, and - of course - storytelling! Please let me know if you're interested in being a part of this project! Thanks.

George Williams ("Old Father Williams"), Albuquerque, NM

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