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Valentine's Day, Romance 101, and stuff I wish I hadn't done...

Some years ago, the same year that John Gray published "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus," I had several gigs in the weeks prior to Valentines Day with several "H" card shops giving workshops on "Romance".  They were always full, couples, singles, male and female.  But the next year I couldn't bring myself to pitch the workshop to any of the local card stops.  The folks who attended ran the gambit, eager young couples wanting to get it right, brow beaten men accompanied by wives who had long given up on their man and hoping I would perform some miracle to "make him romantic".  I think it was those poor guys that broke my heart and I just couldn't do it anymore.

Romance workshops might be a good gig in your area next year.  Put together a few tips and fun things for couples to do on a budget, remind them of their own love for each other and set an entrance fee, hold the workshop in the store, during the evening hours close to closing, and for $30 a seat you can do alright.  I kept the seating to 20 seats per night, reservations only, a few ads in the local papers, partnering with the shops and setting it all up earlier and it worked.  You can work it too.  We all know great love stories.

But what is romance and what is love?  There's not room in this blog to figure it all out.  But the older I get; the more certain that I am that real romance is tied up in pretty ordinary relationships.  Knowing that someone will actually be there when you screw up or when you are successful.  They will be mindful of you when you are distracted and focused on things that are not as important as they are.  Romance 101 is about relationships, taking the time to actually get to know the other person, being committed to never use them, making room for them in your life, making your plans and including their concerns in your thought patterns.  My Grandparents were terrific at romance, neither Grandfather brought home flowers,they grew them in the yard.  Granddad Petty, called that bush "Grandma's Roses" though he was the one who planted them, watered, trimmed and picked them.  Sometimes, just one at a time and you might find it laying on the kitchen counter, no stem, just the flower.  

They made room for each other in their lives.  They made choices that reflected their concern for the happiness of their true love.  Their relationship was more important than things, times, situations, troubles, illnesses, and money.  They weren't stuck in a loveless relationship, they stuck to their commitments to each other.

Now there's a story, two people, mutually respecting, loving, and following their hearts everyday for the good of their mate.  Now I wish I could find me a woman like that.

Oh things I wish I hadn't done.

  1. Said "romance is easy"
  2. Offered actions as evidence of romance
  3. Suggested trinkets satisfied romantic needs
  4. Talked more about things instead of Relationships

Happy Valentine's Day, may you be blessed with a real romantic love of your life.



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