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Hasan would often to sit in his room, looking out through the window and wondering when he would be able to reach that far away hill and discover what lay behind it!


His older brother would always go there, but he always stayed home with his mother.One day Hasan's mother was busy cleaning, so she asked his brother to take him outside to play with his cousins. Hasan lives in a village, where all his friends are his also his cousins!.


Hasan and his cousins set out walking and Hasan was very excited, because at last he would see what was behind the hill!

Finally they were at the top and oh, what a view! Farms full of hundreds of trees. Rabbits, looking inside holes in the ground. Lots of ants coming and going carrying food for their young. It was exactly as Hasan's mother had described!

Hasan began looking across the fields and farms, to another hill! Hasan started wondering what was behind that other hill. He would love to go and see!

The very next week, Hasan asked his father to take him, but his father come home late from the office!"Sorry Hassan" his father said. "Some guests come at the very moment I was leaving the office. We will go for a drive instead, the view at night is different too.Hasan could see many hills covered with hundreds of shining lights and he begins to count out loud: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5"His father asks Hasan what he's counting. "I'm thinking that every light is for one house" Hasan said "So you see I'm counting the houses, and I think I should stay here for many nights to count all those houses on the seven hills! Do you know all those hills Baba?

Yes, This is Amman the city of 7 hills!

During the school holidays, Hasan's father decided to drive the family to the sea, to the city of Aqaba in the south. It was the first time Hasan would be by the sea. He had only seen it in photos and on TV and thought it looked like a huge plate full of blue water, but, he had never touched it or smelled it.


His mother bought swimsuits for everyone, then she packed their bag and they headed out. "I don’t know how to swim" thought Hasan "But it's ok, I'll stand on the shore looking out at the faraway view."Look how the sea sticks to the sky, it's like there's no line between them! When I am big enough, I will go there, maybe I will try to separate them!"

 Maybe Hasan was talking out loud, because he heard his father saying "Please, stop looking at view after view, I am afraid you will take us to the end of the earth!"

"Yes Baba" Hasan said. "I want to know go and see where the end of the earth is!"OK" thought Hasan "I think I need to keep traveling and keep discovering new and exciting views. See you there!


Rabeea Nasser


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