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I was working with some P6 and P7 pupils on a storytelling training workshop and it was very interesting to see the difference in attitude between P6 and P7. The 'too cool to get excited by storytelling' atmosphere at the start could have stifled all creativity, but thankfully, didn't put me off. It was a bit difficult getting the audience participation going on the first story, but humour won out! By the time the second story had shocked the class and forced them to laugh at themselves, even the staunchest '2cool4schoolers' were thoroughly engrossed and telling stories using voices and accents and body language and facial expression.

Do you all find that the 2cool4school attitude usually starts as early as this for P7, or is it normally closer to the end of the school year? It certainly has me thinking about my next session with this age- group!!

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Comment by Vicky Parsons on December 1, 2010 at 4:59am
Hiya Raquel,

I've not worked with P7, but I have worked with year 10 and year 12s and found that this too cool for school has a really weird effect on them. I'm interested in what you did to force them to laugh at themselves? I tend to rely on shocking them with death and quite dark things, if I could make them laugh might be easier and a little less tense.

With regards to 2cool4 I reckon they get younger all the time with that attitude! But maybe that's just me getting old ;0)



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