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What does storytelling look like?

It was about four years ago that I became particularly grumpy over the use of the word "storytelling" by those who do not actually tell stories. Writers and singers and actors had always described themselves as storytellers, but suddenly in business articles and on Twitter and in the blogosphere suddenly everyone from advertisers to life coaches to film editors to game designers were calling what they did storytelling.

And I'll admit it's an imprecise word.

But I decided to do something about it.

What if, I thought, what if I could show people pictures of storytellers. A photo gallery of persons engaged in the art of telling stories before a live audience.

And so "Storytelling Looks Like This" was born.

Since July 2011, I've posted photos (under a creative commons license, by express permission of the photographer, or from Instagram) of storytelling.

To date, I've got 366 photos of storytellers in action on the site:

Take a look. Tell your friends.

Send me a photo (if you have the rights to it).

(And it's in focus)

(And it's composed so you don't have a chair growing out of your head)

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Comment by Judith Alexander on May 22, 2015 at 1:18am

Thank you, Tim, this is really cool. And the photos are magnificent!!



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