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Where and who are the storytellers?  - Dhara Kothari

Everybody and everything tells or shares a story.

Every brick, every stone, every rock, every flower or nature itself tells a story. Every ruin has a story to tell of its past. Every place has a memory to share. Every object speaks of a tale of its existence. The sands speaks of its once upon a time being part or the mountain itself. The natural formations talk about the travels of the wind. The rivers talk of its journey from snow to the sea. The trees talk of its childhood as a seed. The food, cuisine and drinks tell us from where they were born. The jewels, coins, and hidden treasures talk of its rich past. The minerals and soils talk of its extractions. The fossils talk of its existence. Every cloud, every rain drop and snowflakes tells us stories of its fine designs. Every grain, every bush and plant talk of their ages.


Who are the storytellers? Everyone!

Everyone tells us stories. Fiction or fact, stories are spoken at all times, knowingly or unknowingly. We share the day’s work or findings with our loved ones. Students share their knowledge in classes. The bards pass on the traditions through music. The historian notes down the happenings over time. Employees fib stories to get an off or a raise from the boss. Chatter boxes share the neighbouring gossip. A child blackmails to get a new toy. A liar, shares tall tales. A criminal pretends he has no story to tell.


How do we learn or know stories?

For an Archaeologist, the dugout objects tell a story. For an anthropologist, bones tell a story. For an accountant, balance sheets tell a story. For an artist every painting tells a story. For a doctor the organs and its workings tell a story. For a plumber the pipes tell a story. For a mathematician, numbers tell a story. For a merchant, money tells a story. For a geologist, rocks tell a story. For a farmer, the soil and the seeds tell a story. For a musician the musical instruments play a story. For an actor, emotions tell the story. For a writer, words tell a story. For an electrician the wires tell a story. For a mechanic the hardware tells a story. For an investor the markets tells a story. For an investigator, crimes tell a story. For a journalist, everything is worthy a story. For a swimmer the tides tell a story. For the weather man, the wind and the sun tells a story. For an astronomer the entire universe is a story house. For a meditator, silence tells a story.  

And for a storyteller, everything has a story.

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