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Witchcraft Gothic Storytelling for Grown ups


Is the new storytelling show for grown-ups I've been working on...again collaborating with my talented songwriter and musician friend Louise Cairns.
We had such a fantastic night at The Secret Herb Garden back in August with Atropa Nights. The stunning greenhouse was sold out, the audience were just one of the best I've ever had, they laughed and chatted in the interval, really enjoyed the evening and made us feel hugely appreciated and welcome. Libby and Hamish the lovely couple who have created the beautiful Secret Herb Garden are just charming and they really know how to host a fantastic event, there was cheese, wine, laughter and in the midst of this brilliant evening I heard myself say...'please come along to our next evening of Gothic fairy stories and live music for grown ups...I am planning on writing all about Witches next....' um yep...then I heard myself excitedly agreeing to booking this unwritten (at that point) show for Halloween and November on the spot....adrenalin thank goodness is good stuff, I rather like it...better start writing it shouted at me!
To be fair I've been researching around this one for a while there were a few ideas already infusing ...not that I used them especially, but the infusing ideas on the back burner are always a vital part of the creative process for me...
And a theme seemed to be developing as Autumn crept disguised in Summers cape, work and days out took me to just the right places, the Witches prison in Culross, Tibbermore church contemperanious with a real Perthshire woman who was charged as a witch and famous film set for Witch trials.
The next thing that happened was I started to talk to an American artist, therapist and project manager who got in touch with me as she was interested in creating a new online project using storytelling to explore women's approach to mid life, she asked what stories appealed to me ones that featured women not still in the first flush of youth?...Urm, I faltered where there any???  I literally could not think of one older female central character (I'm sure there are some but put on the spot I couldn't think of one) supporting roles yes, vital supporting roles...absolutely! Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunties....then I thought...wicked queens, giantesses, witches...yep WITCHES...the older women were there, they had just been disguised as supernatural beings.....
I started writing...I started looking at those fairy story witches, their stories became central, mothers were people not just support systems, queens were not one dimensional,...those witches had not always been old, they had lives of there own, away from enchanted princes, hair obsessed maidens and runaway peasant girls needing I went and read about them...then told their story...tying the stories in with the plants that I knew were such a vital part in their stories...
'Enchanting' this new story, is being released in one form as an online interactive piece in Spring 2016 and will be accompanied by its own tiny versions of my storyboxes (prototype on the right!)  available by post if people would like them...
But for now it's debuting in its original form with a few other dark little magical occasionally funny stories about Witches of all types with music from Louise at the Secret Herb Garden on Halloween....and I  promise not to be too scary!
For ticket and booking info for Halloween 2016:
For information on bringing us to your venue and for press enquiries please email:
or telephone Amanda on +44(0)7884107466

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Comment by Amanda Edmiston on November 8, 2015 at 10:36am

Halloween is over, I did four gigs at three venues over the course of the day, two really really busy sessions with families at libraries...with lots of tales of mischievous fairies, migrating birds and magical Autumn trees. Then I met up with musician Louise Cairns and we did a beautiful workshop and performance with over 60 children and parents at The Secret Herb garden. Evening came, the moon rose, mulled cider was served and the greenhouse filled with grown ups...Witchcraft! was a huge sell out success I'm overjoyed to say...Louise's music was haunting and beautiful...and we're booked again to return at Yule for a seasonal winter session..



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