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WORDPLAY: Games That Teach Storytelling--Game #7

NAME: 26 Sentence Story
LEARNING GOAL: Word choice and adapting to an ever-changing story.
GAME OBJECTIVE: To work as a team and tell a 26 sentence story
FORMATION: Seated circle
LEADER'S ROLE: Begin the tale and gently assist anyone who gets stuck

DESCRIPTION: This round robin story is told one sentence and one teller at a time. The catch is that each sentence must begin with a successive letter of the alphabet. The leader starts off the yarn with a sentence where the first word begins with the letter "A" and play continues from there. A good deal of the fun is seeing who gets stuck with the difficult letters and how creatively they use them.

EXAMPLE: Leader: About ten years ago, Jack left home.

Teller One: Before leaving, Jack packed a suitcase full of squash.

Teller Two: Cantaloupes were just too heavy so he chose squash, but no underwear.


Teller Twenty-four: X-rays later proved Jack had eaten the squash with the hidden gem.

Teller Twenty-five: Yummy though it was, Jack saw the missing gem again in a few days.

Teller Twenty-six: Zealously Jack cleaned and polished the gem that would one day bring him a great fortune.

As always, I hope you enjoy this month's game. See you again in August. Contents herein are copyright Anthony

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