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WORDPLAY: Games that teach the skills of Storytelling #11


Learning Goal: Explore Character Motivations

Game Objective: Have each person contribute to a plea for help

# of Participants: 3-20

Formation: Seated Circle

Props: None

Leader's Role: Help group choose a story and subsequent character

Description: The leader helps the group chose a familiar story from fairy tales, tall tales, literature, the Bible, history, etc. From that story the group chooses a main character. That character, voiced by the group, will write a letter to the local newspaper's "DEAR ADVICE LADY" . This is done by having each teller, in turn, add one sentence to the chosen character's letter of desperation. As always, if your group is tiny, go around the circle several times to get a complete letter.

EXAMPLE: Leader: Okay, tellers, we have chosen Snow White as our story and characer. Let's begin, Dear Advice Lady...

Teller One: I have recently found myself in several awkward situations.

Teller Two: I am now living with seven men.

Teller Three: They are nice tiny men, but I love another.

Teller Four: I have also developed a craving for fresh fruit.

Lastly, as always, contents herein are copyright A. Burcher, but PLAY THE GAME. You'll be a better storyteller AND it's FUN!!!!!

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