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WOW! Does time fly, when having a good time.

Since June of 2012--> here is a brief: 1) still co-hostess of the monthly Tale Spinners at the Orinda Library in Orinda, CA;  2) at Tale Spinners finished the saga of 'Dragons of China', which I told to the visiting school children in the Chinese Galleries at AAM; 3) told Spooky Tales on College Avenue - 'Spooky Tales in the Redwoods' had it run of a good five years; 4) retired from the Asian Art Museum, AAM, as a storyteller. I started in 2002, that was 10 years and a long ran for me, as I like to say my doctorate in "how stories travel"; 5) still working on my 'go-around-round', my various social pages about gigs, videos, writings, etc. on the virtual web, magic of our time. Check out:; 6) have done many months of writing on my stories with the help of writing thins: and Clarion Write-a-Thon. In 2012 compiled all 'The Elfin Letters' into three books with three main narrators: Elfin Man McDonnell, Aunt Millie and Queen Emma Fay; plots: mining and village, the coming of the shopkeepers, and discovery of elfin MAGIC; with subplots organized around stories of intrigue for my granddaughter; 7) now on to finish 'Rhyonna's Fight', a faery who learns the value of her gift of flying, this April 2013 with NaNoWriMoCAMP! I did finish the story, now on to tell and self-publish. AS I like to say. 'now or never'! 

I had my 70th birthday February 2013.

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