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At 9:20am on November 6, 2009, Clare Muireann Murphy said…
I love your photo!!!
Thanks for the lovely message. I will be in Ohio all next week. I can let you know where and when if you are me by email. My email address is
Hope you are well
At 11:35pm on October 1, 2009, Gary P Green said…
Great to have you as a friend Jonatha.
At 1:42pm on March 3, 2009, Marc Young said…
Thanks for writing Jonatha. I think my 'partner' either lost interest or got cold feet. I'm currently shopping around for a new collaborator. I've developed a complete scene-by-scene storyboard for the tale, but I need to hone the oral performance with another person to get the voices, timing and delivery down.
Best wishes,

At 12:06pm on February 3, 2009, Act!vated Story Theatre said…
Hi there!
Our primary act is a theatrical performance that we both perform in. We recently went back to being a duo when our son "retired" at 18. He'd been performing with us since he was 3 - full time since he was 5. We couldn't keep him off the stage. Now it's just the two of us again.
We have also each developed our own solo shows.
I love your photos. You both look so animated. Do you travel much beyond Ohio? We will have to look you up when we get out that way. I have bookmarked your site.
We also love stories from Japan. "Follow the Buzz" is in our current production. We use masks and take inspiration from NOH style theatre.
Thanks for contacting me!
At 5:01pm on January 31, 2009, Twice Upon a Time Storytellers/Gene & Peggy Helmick-Richardson said…
Hi Jonatha, Sorry that I didn't get back with you. I must be hallucinating because I thought I had. Been a rough week. Connie Pottle is such a sweetheart. Gene and I think the world of her! Yes, the P.O. Box is the best address for us. Can't wait to see the book and if you think it might be out before the end of March, let me know. Would love to get a few copies in the gift shop of the Texas Storytelling Festival. If not, maybe the state conference in the summer.
At 10:31am on January 30, 2009, Kevin Walker said…
Hi there. I have been living in Andalucia now for nearly 4 years. Don't do as much storytelling now as I am not too good at spanish yet!! Argh! So I sometimes travel back to the Uk and other countries to perform or hols workshops.
Hard to say what stories I tell....I don't have a limit or a remit......usually go with the flow. Got myself a bit of a name in the Uk for role stories.
Love the sound of your work. From what I hear the USA scene is very into personal stories? It must be good to work with your partner.
Would love to tell in the states at sometime but it is hard to find suitable venues.
K x
At 8:49am on January 30, 2009, Octavia Sexton said…
Hey guys, I love your pictures! The expressions are worth more than words!!
At 10:39pm on January 29, 2009, Angel del Pilar said…
Thanks for saying hello, Yes, we are happy happy and we hope this will be a happy ending for the festival. Once we start we will post some photos to share our exerience.
At 9:02am on January 29, 2009, Mylinda Butterworth said…
I am looking forward to seeing the book, I am sure it will be wonderful. My address is 1721 Canoe Creek Road, Oviedo, FL 32766-8533

I am looking forward to Florida StoryCamp March 26-29 with all the wonderful tellers that are coming for our 25th anniversary. I will be showcasing my new healing show called the Scarlet C for the camp pre-conference on March 25. Looking forward to finding out if it is a good work or not. You know how it is with new shows. Wish you were coming.
At 1:49pm on January 5, 2009, sofia maul said…
Hi Jonatha! Great to hear from you! Happy new year!!!!!!
What a lot of work you have done! But what a wonderful result it will be to see!
The names of the other contabandistas are Antonella Gilardi, António Gouveia, Cláudia Fonseca and Luísa Rebelo.
I suppose on the refference page if you could put our site and e-mail would be great:
beijinhos from Lisboa
At 2:20pm on November 26, 2008, Marilyn A. Kinsella said…
Hi! Good to hear from you. I'm glad the book is coming along. What a wondrous/monstrous project! 52 entires - woo-hoo!

Larry had a bit of cancer scare this summer - prostate. But, they caught it early so he had the affected are frozen instead of removal. He's back 100%. However, we did not have many jobs together this fall. One memorable one was at the Missouri History Museum. We did our "Ishi of Two Worlds" Stories 'n Stones. The audience really seemed to enjoy it. This summer we did St 'n Stones...the Games the Ancient Ones Played. It was okay, but it didn't sell to well...and we had "limited engagements" due to a vacation and the hospital.

Larry was busy in October doing a 9 day all-day program for junior high and I had some tellings. But since mid-October I've had two jobs. EGADS! Okay, so I didn't go out and market bad (as the kids say).

So, here I am working on my work hoping that work works its way into my workweek! Marilyn
At 12:55pm on July 3, 2008, StoryHarmonics ~ Lawrence Howard & Lynne Duddy said…
Hey Jonatha, We're definitely heading out to Utah in August and are looking forward to seeing you! Lynne
At 2:03pm on June 26, 2008, Marilyn A. Kinsella said…
Hi Jonatha,
We are high and dry where we are at the top of the bluff. St. Louis itself was not hit hard, but 30 miles upstream it's a different story.

Hope the book is coming along. Larry and I leave for OR on Friday. I will some storytelling on my trip out there. Naomi Baltuck is having me do and in-house workshop and evening of stories at her house. Larry is doing his primitive technology demos near Portland at Mt. Hood. Marilyn
At 11:47am on June 26, 2008, Rivka Willick said…

Welcome to All the Fringe that's Fit to Print. Have you attended or performed in any Fringes? Please post your questions, comments, thoughts and any thing else you want in the group (after all it is a Fringe Group).
If you have an up coming show--post that too.
At 7:46am on June 26, 2008, Donna Marie Kuczynski said…
Hi, how are things?Glad to see you on board,how is Harold?
I do not get on as much as I like, it has been very hectic here. Kids home from Brazil and Chicago,Putting in a new heating system, doing the summer storytelling classes at the Vermilion Library and my T.V. shows and the adult storyswap at LCCC. We are trying to revitalize WRAPPS,Judy Riggle has been great with this..Will try to get on more but i doubt untill after August.
At 1:16am on June 18, 2008, Pam Holcomb said…
Hi Jonatha:

It was great to hear from you. I'm planning on coming to Natasha's to hear you guys on the 30th. I'm anxious to finally meet you face-to-face. I've heard so much about you and Harold that I feel I know you already!

Take care,
At 3:20pm on June 16, 2008, Don 'Buck P' Creacy said…
Hello Jonatha;

I am recovering from a bout with Pericarditis. An inflammation around the lining of my heart. Not fatal, just painful, and viral... rest and Motrin are the perscriptions for me.

Hope the intro still works for you. I did notice a grammar error or two... for example... here is my ideas... whoops and there has to be others... haha

have fun with it.

Thanks for your friendship
At 8:57pm on March 28, 2008, Betsy Fleischer said…
Hi Jonatha,
Nope. He's still in the oven. But hopefully in about 2 weeks or less he'll make his debut. He still has two names to choose from. I am sooooo glad that spring break started at 3:01 today!!!! Do you still want me to write a bit for the book? I asked for a deadline but have not heard as of yet. I love the pic of you laughing. (If you're crying, I don't want to know.) Be well, and be happy!
At 9:22am on March 23, 2008, Don 'Buck P' Creacy said…
Hello Jonatha;

I will call Brackon and Jordan and see if they are willing to write a bit... they are thirteen and oblivious to their own talent and peer pressure bears more than good sense and self help. But I will do what I can.

At 3:37pm on March 22, 2008, Pam Holcomb said…
Hi Jonatha:

I look foward to becoming friends through PS! I hear such nice things about you and Harold. Don Creacy is a huge fan and has told me so much about you guys. I will try my best to come and hear you in June at Natasha's. I'll be performing there in July.

Right now, I'm very busy teaching school. I teach high school geometry. It's near test time and the crunch is on.

Don is producing my first CD that will be out in August. I have been working hard on that. I will be at the Ohio Valley River Folkfest in Madison, Ind. May 17th. I'm really looking foward to that. I perfom locally for several groups. I'm really tied down right now as far as traveling is concerned. For some reason, these folks that pay my salary actually expect me to be at school and teach - imagine that!

If all goes as planned, I will give up teaching completely after this year and concentrate on storytelling, and we'll see what that brings.

Have a wonderful Easter! I hope you find the lucky egg!



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