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At 3:22pm on September 10, 2008, Alison said…
I'm sorry I fell off Professional Storyteller and I don't think I ever got your connection request until now.
I would love to connect.
Just out of curiosity... are you related to a Kip Knutson?
At 11:27am on June 4, 2008, Rick Huddle said…
heya Katie-
yes, let's swap ad space! My show is "On Sale Now!"- it's about shopping and consumerism. It runs 16-20th. (can't wait for the fringe website to get active- it'd be great to see what else is happening, and when!)
At 9:47am on June 4, 2008, Michael D. McCarty said…
All's peachy with moi:) Took my wife on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate her 50th birthday last month. One of the stops was Barbados where my Mother was born. 'Twas my first time there. Very Happy!!!
At 1:21am on April 22, 2008, Steve Evans said…
Ooops!!! I see that you've already joined the group! Sorry. Welcome, welcome, welcome! We look forward to your active participation. All the best. STEVE
At 1:20am on April 22, 2008, Steve Evans said…
Greetings and welcome to this great site. I think you will enjoy it. I wonder if you would consider joining the group Applied Storytelling: the Power of Story? I'm sure we all would gain a lot from your insights and experiences. Best wishes to you. STEVE
At 5:53am on April 18, 2008, Rivka Willick said…
Welcome to the group All the fringe that's Fit to Print. I hope you post often. I see you'll be in the Capital Fringe--me too. What's your show called. If you have any PR or links to you fringe show post them in the group.

At 4:41pm on April 16, 2008, Loren Niemi said…
Hello Katie - thanks or the "friend" nod - hope to see you at Two Chairs Telling on Tuesday, the 22nd...
At 2:19am on April 15, 2008, Michael D. McCarty said…
How the heaven are ya Katie Lady:) Hope all's mellow on your end of the earth. Will you be at the conference?
At 11:39pm on April 14, 2008, Rick Huddle said…
hi Katie!
Cool to hear you'll be at the DC Fringe Festival this year- me, too! Look forward to connecting there.
At 9:52pm on April 14, 2008, Jennifer Rudick Zunikoff said…
Yes, Rose did tell me you have a baby! Congratulations!! Boy or girl? How old is he/she now? The balancing is difficult. I didn't work for the first seven months, than I went back part-time but discovered it was still too much. So, for the past two years, I went to even more part-time. Now that my daughter is 3 and 1/2 years old, I will begin to do more work again starting this summer. I know that I cannot go at the speed I did before she was born, so I need to be careful about not taking on too much. At the same time, I need to work for so many reasons! Feel free to let me know what you are doing about all this - and ask any questions!
Take care and enjoy your baby!
At 7:11pm on April 14, 2008, Jennifer Rudick Zunikoff said…
Hi Katie! Thanks for making me a friend on the site! You are Rose's friend, correct? And we met at her wedding? I hope you are well!
Take care,
At 6:48pm on April 14, 2008, Don 'Buck P' Creacy said…
Welcome Katie;

To the neatest place on the planet for storytellers. Lots of good groups, excellent discussions and check everyone's page... some have uploaded audio files on their page... great groups too... and please check out the fun videos. Welcome hope you like it

At 6:40pm on April 14, 2008, Tom Taylor said…
Hello, Katie, and Welcome!

You're gonna love this site and the folks who frequent it - so much goin' on all the time (see the Main Page). Check out the other Teller Pages, the Forums, the Members, the Groups, Videos, Photos, audiofiles - use it all, review them all, take a nap, then resume your investigation. Post samples of your work - sung, written, spoken or otherwise performed/presented, then check out the work of others; it is SUCH a grand place for exchanging ideas.

Clearly, you've accomplished a great deal, and, thus, have great things to share with us - I hope that you will, as you have time - I'm very glad you've come to be with us, I wish you continued success and growth along your path and, again, send greetings and a warm Welcome!


Tom Taylor



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