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At 11:30am on April 2, 2008, Baba the Storyteller said…
Hi Helen, thanks for the note. It's great to cross paths with a fellow seeker. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better; the djembe, dun, kenkeni and songba were my main drums for many years until I transitioned over to the balafon and kora. Maybe one day we'll get to sit in a drum circle together.

Peace & Blessings,

At 10:21am on March 28, 2008, Tom Taylor said…
"Been there, done that" - not to worry.

Yes, I know it's playable, I was asking if YOU actually played it, as opposed to, say, David Holt: is HELEN, THE PIED PIPER OF PERCUSSION playing it? I play (at) it, myself, along w/ a number of other fun instruments.

I won't even pretend to know what other instruments you play - nor will I try to pronounce them; if you can both pronounce and play those instruments, you're "a better man than I am"! OK, maybe that's not the way to put it, but you get my drift, right? I think I may've seen some of your drums on that exotic website out in SF, CA I think - name escapes me at the moment - but I'm sure you know it.

Anyway, thanks for catching up - we'll continue this as we learn and grow, right!?

Go 'Hit' something musical/rhythmical -

At 9:43pm on March 27, 2008, Don 'Buck P' Creacy said…
Hey there Helen;

Bang the drum slowly and check out these cool pages here. Nifty discussion and good people. I hope you love it... it seems to be the best.

At 10:22pm on March 26, 2008, Tom Taylor said…
"From working with percussion, I branched out to storytelling, singing, and now tv/film acting. It's been quite the trip..."

OK, from percussion . . . to storytelling . . . to singing . . . to tv/film acting - 'quite the trip' is correct, if a dramatic understatement.

There's more of a story here than you're owning up to, but impressive nonetheless.

I'm returning to your page/website looking for clues to answers to my questions . . . .

Rereading my last comment from this morning, the "Really play?" looks/sounds pretty stupid, and I apologize if you were offended - I didn't mean anything by it, other than to ask if you played it.
At 10:58am on March 26, 2008, Tom Taylor said…
How fun! What do you do w/ the washboard!!?? Really play?
Haven't seen a female do that in . . . maybe ever!

I'm in class, so gotta run, but I'll be back after while -

Washboard - ha! that's great -

ok, so what about bones/spoons/hambone, etc.???

At 6:10pm on March 25, 2008, Tom Taylor said…
Hey, Helen, Welcome!

"Percussion Lady," eh? Sounds like great fun - what instruments are involved? I do something similar (I think), but NOT as 'Percussion Lady,' as that was already taken....

I told your friend Sondra earlier today that this is an awesome site, so helpful to tellers of all sorts - and I'll just repeat myself telling you - but it's true.

It's an inspiring 'exchange place' of/for all things story-related.

I trust you'll enjoy this place as so many of us already do; I look forward to your comments and contributions to the site, and want to reiterate to you, Welcome!


At 10:09am on March 25, 2008, Sondra Singer said…
The first clue I had that you'd joined this was an email from the organizer saying she'd "met" you! Wha's up?

At 9:40am on March 25, 2008, Dianne de Las Casas, Founder said…
P.S. You are member 200! We're trying to hit 250 by April 1. I think we're doing pretty well...

At 9:39am on March 25, 2008, Dianne de Las Casas, Founder said…
Hi Helen!

Welcome to Professional Storyteller. Glad you joined the site. You are so pretty. You and Sondra must make a pretty dynamic duo! You two should join the "It Take Two - Tandem Telling" group. I also use a lot of rhythm and song in my storytelling. So much fun. Hope you enjoy exploring... Happy Tales to You!

Dianne de Las Casas
Founder of Professional Storyteller



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