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At 2:53pm on July 15, 2008, ashley hulsey said…
Thank you for adding me as your friend.
At 12:18pm on July 13, 2008, Elsa Zuniga said…
In some ways, a little too much. (But I'm working out again, which will hopefully rectify the situation) :)
At 11:29am on July 13, 2008, Cris Riedel said…
Norah- I'm supremely envious of your new job, sounds terrific! I needed to look at it that way, being rather forced to quit due to disability--and besides, NYC pro theater is a pain in several asses at once. I think I've talked my college bound son out of going that way, although he's wonderful onstage.
Thanks for writing, I'll spend some time wandering about the site to figure out what's going on
At 2:36pm on June 20, 2008, Vernon L. Cox said…
Norah great Idea!
What say we share a tale over at the Story Library and create somthing for folks that is shareable public domain style.
Willey has already joined in with his person who knew everything.

Love your posts and appreciate the constant updates on the digital landscapes
At 3:30am on June 18, 2008, Sam yada CANNAROZZI said…
Dear Norah,


I have been doing work in a center for political refugees near Lyon where I live. The other day I showed up around noon as as I walked from the ground to the fourth floor, I can tell you, what a trip, what a ale, for the nose - went from Marocco to Afghanistan, to India to Somalia.


Have an excellent day!

At 4:31pm on June 17, 2008, Vernon L. Cox said…
Norah you are still the techno-artistic mentor to the masses!

Thanks for keeping me in the loop!
I will soon add Photos and videos to my page thanks for sending me here!

Vernon and Willey
At 2:46pm on June 6, 2008, Kim Weitkamp said…
Hi Norah, just wanted to stop by and say hi. On the question of the day you and I are the only ones who left a humurous I had to meet you. Great answer. Made me chuckle.
At 3:04pm on May 23, 2008, Brother Wolf said…
Sorry i get a little excited about this stuff and jumped the gun.
It pays off with the search engines if you add a link too to you website with each posting like this...

At 12:14pm on May 23, 2008, Brother Wolf said…
Hey Nora
You can activate the links in your comments by using the link button above the comment box - you really want to do this because it helps google to understand how important you video is - also makes it easer for people to click through your link.

Let's say I wanted to add your link to this comment
I would first copy the link URL I want. Then highlight the words I want to link too and click the link button above the comment box – (the side ways eight.) Then paste the link URL into the link box.

This makes an active link – presto!!!
At 3:32pm on May 16, 2008, Norah Dooley said…
International Story Day today May 16th
International Story Day is today - so, yeah. sorry I work too much to do things in a timely manner but hey, I try?

Here is my story for International Story Day

- thanks to Andrea Lovett for inspiring me to try this digital story method
and to Brother Blue's open mic for listening as I struggled to remember
what actually happened so long ago...

Take time to share one of your stories
with someone/s, sometime, somewhere on FRIDAY
May 16th, tomorrow, which is International Story Day
try to upload this site or any site you can...

Peace and happy endings,
At 9:41am on May 15, 2008, Giles Abbott said…
ma grazie, Norah! i'm sorry to hear your daughter and I have a mutual friend in MS. MS is why i went blind, and also, therefore, became a storyteller. it was a hard gift to receive, but i think it can be a gift.
there will be a facility for people to give online, i just haven't arranged it yet! and yes, we will be blogging. there's a websote going up soon which will have blog page for me, for Peterm adn one for people who meet us on the road and want to share their thoughts about it. This Monday, my incredible wide put up her first solo exhibition in London (she's a painter) and somebody neither of us new walked in. got talking, & it turns out she's a professional publicist. i told her what i'm doing and she has offered to help! i'm always moved by the generosity of the cosmic supply company!

thank you for your intertest - watch out for updates here, or sign up for updates at my website!

Giles ;{~
At 10:39am on May 10, 2008, Jennifer Armstrong said…
Dear Storytellers!
Thank you for all your kind words of welcome. I hope I can move from my Luddite mentality and participate in this electronic, cyber space community. Norah thank you for your appreciation of my version of The "Boy" Who Had No Story. Mille, I will be back at ETSU in October. Tom, I sure hope I will get to Texas some time too. We can swap poetry. I share my own and others as well. Buck, thanks for inviting me into this circle. David Joe, I'm going to try and load a photo now...wish me luck. Happy Spring to all of you.
At 4:06pm on May 7, 2008, Penny Walter said…
Thanks for appreciating my thoughts on Storytelling.
I feel it is the way we humans will help make this world a better place. Connecting with one another finding the glue that holds us together.
At 8:20am on May 7, 2008, Bernie Libster said…
Glad you'll be down this way, Norah. In the words of Dave Frishberg, I'll pencil you in for October. (Gotta gig or anything interesting like that? Like the Provincetown Playhouse?) Life's good, peculiar (to quote Lotte Lenya) but good. I'm trying to mobilize my intention (to quote some New Age cat or other) and do something at the Philly Fringe in August, but when I signed up it was March and now it's almost Memorial Day and August is rapidly approaching.

See ya on our noisy pavements.

At 8:58pm on May 6, 2008, Linda Goodman said…
I am well, Norah, and extremely busy. All this technology is supposed to make like easier, huh? I cannot believe I bought into that. I hope that you are doing well.
At 8:44pm on May 6, 2008, Linda Goodman said…
I am new to this site, Norah, and still learning the ropes. It's great to see old friends here.
At 1:31pm on May 6, 2008, Baba the Storyteller said…
Hi Norah,

Thank you for the kind words. Eric and I decided we would get together and just have a little fun talking with one another. Remember when that used to be a common thing? Anyway, thanks again and I hope our paths cross soon.

Baba the Storyteller
At 11:10am on May 6, 2008, Leeny Del Seamonds, Master Story Performer™ said…
Hey sweetie,

Great to see you here, and I'm happy to call you Friend! Also, I want to thank you so much (!!) for sending the books--you are wonderful. I've been flat out preparing for filming this week and thought I sent you a thank you already. My bad. But I know you understand. Loved our time together at Riverway! Talk soon. Con mucho amor, La Leeny
At 7:13am on May 6, 2008, Bernie Libster said…
Ciao, Norah,

Coming down this way anytime soon? I may not get up your way until Harvard gives me that honorary degree they've been promising (It's early and I'm still in a dream state).

Auguri affetuosi,

At 7:12am on May 6, 2008, Bernie Libster said…
Ciao, Norah,

Coming to these parts anytime soon? I may not get up your way until Harvard offers me that honorary degree they've been promising. (It's early morning and I'm still dreaming.)

Auguri affetuosi,




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