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At 2:53pm on March 23, 2009, Delanna Reed said…
Hi Leeny,
It was great seeing you at STF. I enjoyed going and meeting new friends as well as solidying old friends. Thank you for the helpful information on sound equipment!
At 2:55pm on January 27, 2009, Doug Banner said…
Hey Love! Hopefully the funding thing will work out for everyone to go to China. We'll see. I'm planning on going back at this point in time.
Lyn Marie is 4 and 1/2. She will be starting school next fall.
I am teaching at Western part time and still trying to round up those performance and workshop jobs that are getting as thin as the dollar bills.
I produced a sell out concert in December (over 200 tickets)
and I'm working on another one that will happen March 21st.
At least people still want to be entertained.
All is as well as can be expected. Miss ya.
At 4:37pm on January 12, 2009, Jeff Gere said…
Hi Lenny,
Yes, Sharing fire is coming quick. I just got married and the house clears today (finally) which gives me a bit more headspace to start some planning. What should I know to do before and after the Conference? And hello hello! What are you presenting as part of our panel? I'm a last minute addition.
At 3:32pm on September 26, 2008, Kris Hillenburg said…
Yea, I miss you folks a ton, but South Carolina is beautiful. Mary and I look at each other everyday and say, "(GASP!) We live here!".

What I wouldn't give for some lively New England conversation though.
At 8:12am on September 26, 2008, Kris Hillenburg said…
Leeny! Love ya and miss ya kiddo! - Kris
At 6:28pm on September 2, 2008, Dianne de Las Casas, Founder said…
Leeny - thank you so much for your well-wishes. My family and I are in Birmingham, AL waiting to hear when we can return to our beloved city. You will not believe how useful technology can be when you are in the midst of a natural disaster. I was able to inform about 25,000 (maybe more) people of my whereabouts through my list, various networks, my website, Twitter, and Facebook. Thank God for a support network! I would love to give a workshop on the advantages of using technology! Anyway, I miss you and hope you are well.

Con mucho amor, Dianne
At 1:59pm on August 29, 2008, Dianne de Las Casas, Founder said…
Leeny - you're welcome! Glad somebody read it! Technology can make things so much easier. I am definitely going to use it to my advantage to keep people updated regarding Hurricane Gustav. It looks like Louisiana is in danger again and we have to evacuate...
At 12:25pm on July 31, 2008, Chloe Clunis said…
I actually have to leave Thursday at 11:30am (I have an event in NY) hopefully I'll see you before i "ship off"; it has been a while.

Are you going on the India 2008 or China 2009 trip?

Best Wishes!

At 8:22pm on July 19, 2008, Elaine Muray said…
Thanks Leeny...I'll look forward to seeing you as well!

Until then.
At 2:21pm on June 29, 2008, Elaine Muray said…
Leeny--meant to respond earlier, but had a Summer Reading program launch to 14 libraries and came down with food poisoning..yikes. Anyway, I will definitely introduce myself to you at the Conference...will be doing the Regional Conference! More later.
At 2:20pm on June 21, 2008, Vernon L. Cox said…
Nice to see you here!
I so enjoyed your telling at Share the Fire NSC 2008

Learnin' Vernon
At 12:21pm on May 27, 2008, Steve Evans said…
Wow. I wish I could see you perform. I bet it is fabulous! I am writing to see if you might be interested in joining the group Applied Storytelling: the Power of Stories. I am sure that we could learn from your multi-cultural experiences. We would love to have you participate in the discussions and even start some of your own, sharing your wisdom and insights. Best wishes to you. STEVE
At 3:02pm on May 26, 2008, Elaine Muray said…
Hi Leeny--Welcome to the Movement, Masks and Props site! We look forward to getting your valuable input on tricks of the trade...and looks like I'll be seeing you at the National Conference!

Elaine Muray
At 9:01pm on May 13, 2008, Linda Goodman said…
Hi, Leeny. I just joined this site. I love it!
I had hoped to make it to Gatlinburg, but, as it turns out, I actually have a gig in the Northern Neck of Virginia that weekend. Daughters of the Appalachians is suddenly in big demand here. Kris Hillenburg has even come up to do the music for me.
I miss you, girl. We must get together soon. I hope to make it to New England in the fall.
At 11:24pm on May 8, 2008, Mimi Rockwell said…
Hey Leeny, Remember that wonderful day we had with Rocky seeing the Appalachian mountains between Bristol and Asheville while we killed time before we took you to the airport? Well, I do and wish we lived closer so we could enjoy your storytelling more. Glad you're here on this site! Mimi
At 10:38am on April 9, 2008, Susan Danoff said…
Dear Leeny,
Thanks so much for writing to me. I loved your story and look forward to hearing you tell more.
At 8:56pm on April 8, 2008, Teresa Clark said…
Great to see you as well. Fun pictures! Gatlinburg it is then - looking forward to seeing you!
At 6:43pm on April 7, 2008, Mike Lockett said…
You solo me hablo un poco de Espanol, pero me gusto sus cuentos!

I truly loved the way that you mixed in enough Spanish so I could get the feel for mixing it with English. I use a little Spanish with a few of my stories but do not have the natural skill and beauty that you use to combine the two languages. I bought one of your CDs at STF, so I can continue to listen and try to adapt a few of my tales when I tell at schools with hight percentages of Hispanic students. It is such a joy to watch students' faces light up when they realize that stories are for ALL of us.

I wish I had been able to talk with you at STF. This was only the second time I have been able to make it out east - and there are so many wonderful people to get to know. Best wishes for continuing with the wonderful work you do.


Mike Lockett, the crazy guy from Normal, IL who calls himself The Normal Storyteller
At 6:55pm on April 6, 2008, Csenge Zalka said…
Yeah, wasn't it just a great story? Yay!
Hey Leeny, thank you for all your support!
I had so much fun at the conference!
At 10:46pm on April 5, 2008, Mike Lockett said…
I truly enjoyed your tale tonight t the Olio. Thanks for sharing it with us. I read the story several times in a collection of South American tales that I own and could never quite fogure out how to bring life to its telling. You certainly succeeded at that tonight.

Best regards,

Mike Lockett, the guy from Normal, Illinois who calls himself "The Normal Storyteller."




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