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At 10:35pm on October 24, 2009,
Michael Forestieri

How do you use the harp in your performances?

At 10:21pm on October 24, 2009,
Michael Forestieri
Hi Odds,

You're right about Robin Williamson, I found a video of him, online, performing The Parting Glass. What a treat to see him live, no doubt.

Sometimes, I employ my harps as sound effects during the telling. Other times, I play and sing a little tune to open and close a tale or incorporate a bit of song throughout as a hook. Not to mention, playing a piece outright in between stories just to break things up. I'm working on a story, The Tenderhearted Fool, where my aim is to get the audience to join me in the harp song at the end of the tale for a finishing touch.

Your Rage of Hercules is a great piece of work. I listened to part of it a while ago. How was the Granite State Festival in New London? What did you tell there?

I'm still getting the hang of all the social media so my Professional Storyteller page is still under development. Thanks for the welcome!

Michael Forestieri
At 7:13pm on October 22, 2009, Odds Bodkin said…
Hi, Doria. Yes, the guerilla approach is a good way to storm the barbicans of Bostonian beer drinkers who may well turn their heads to listen and lo and behold show up at a festival or even, in the dreams afloat in the heads of their stouts, fancy themselves ready to hold forth with a word or two themselves. Just be sure they throw coins or bills of some sort, into some sort of container that everybody can keep their eyes on.

Beer indeed sets the muse afloat. Best of luck to the slammers.

Yes, I perform in the Boston area all the time. I'll be appearing at the Cambridge Forum on December 6th, with Maria Tatar, to discuss storytelling in the modern world.
I think I'm about to ruffle their format somewhat, in that, as a practitioner, I'm going to tell a story as my introductory remarks. Wish me luck.

At 6:58pm on October 22, 2009, Doria Hughes said…
No worries! The Syracuse show sounds fun; any chance that you'll be performing in the Boston area anytime soon? We at massmouth (Mass-based storytellers' group) are leading our first story slam this Monday evening at a Boston pub. Since beer and storytelling have had such a long and storied (heh heh) relationship throughout history, it seemed appropriate. We've decided to take a guerilla-telling approach, and have begun infiltrating non-traditional venues with unexpected storytelling performances. So far, no one has thrown rotten tomatoes, so I am pleased.
Rock the house in Syracuse!
At 4:08pm on August 14, 2008, Doria Hughes said…
Hi Odds,
We first met at Rowe camp a couple years back, and as a result I finally made the jump to "professional" storyteller, as opposed to "woman-who-obsessively-collects-stories-and-hoards-them-in-her-brain". When people ask me, what gave you the kick in the pants to make this step? Well, I just smile and blame you for everything.
Thank you (I mean that) and Happy Tales,
At 8:42am on May 6, 2008, Millie Jackson said…
Hi Odds,
We met at GVSU. I drove you around when you came and spent a couple of days with us. I think you talked to my storytelling class too.

At 1:42pm on April 10, 2008, Odds Bodkin said…
Thanks, Layne. These tunes are from work Steve Schuch and I did years ago together as the duo, Wellspring. His site is
Glad you liked it. Glad you joined this site, too, I can happily add. Dianne, we thank you. Take care, Layne.

At 11:37pm on April 9, 2008, Layne Gneiting said…
My friend,

Just heard Troubadour for the first time. Was there ever a time in your timeless life you didn't have the magic? Catchy tune. Stirring lyrics. Thanks for offering it to the ether.
At 8:46pm on April 4, 2008, Rachel Hedman said…
Dear Odds:

I remember back to when you performed at the Hanford High School as a school assembly in Hanford, CA. After school time, you did a question and answer session with the Voices of Illusion high school storytellers and Kevin Cordi.

Though I was a BYU graduate and a recent move-in to Fresno, Kevin invited me to tag along and I still have the picture of the group. Perhaps I could find it and send it to you?

My wrist really hurt after that night because I scribbled so many notes. I have those still, too. Thanks for outreaching to us.

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
At 4:18pm on April 2, 2008, Rivka Willick said…
It's great to see you here. Your name's been mentioned all over this site. We met in NJ in Nov. I love you....but I adore your wife. I hope she's working on her stories. I hope to hear her stories soon.
At 4:06pm on April 2, 2008, Odds Bodkin said…

I agree. Congratulations on your newlywed status! How wonderful. The ideal state of man, I do believe. I don't think Ohio is on the current calendar, but if it appears, I'll let you know. Were you a CA resident, or do I just remember meeting you there? With those nice kids at the high school? Can't recall. Enjoy Singapore, and I hope the road there is kind to you as well, and the road safely back home.

I'm not sure if this window support mp3's as well, but if it does, here's some music I recently composed on Kurzweil and sitar for a media project. Enjoy. If it doesn't come through, email me and I'll email it to you. This is part of the catching up you mentioned.

Best regards,


/Users/oddsbodkin/Desktop/The Vanishers Suite 1.mp3
At 11:06am on April 2, 2008, Kevin Cordi said…
I agree, we are way overdue for catching up. Are you coming anywhere near Ohio soon? We can toast and I am buying. I got married in October and will soon be off to Singapore to share stories and some workshops. I hope the road is being kind to you my friend,
all my best, Kevin
At 1:31pm on March 31, 2008, Odds Bodkin said…
Thanks, Dianne. I'm learning the labyrinth. Thanks for the tip.

At 5:44am on March 31, 2008, Dianne de Las Casas, Founder said…

Love your new photos! Here's a PS tip. When you want to reply to someone who has commented on your page, you can click on their picture and it will take you to their page, where you can leave a comment. Or, you can click on "Comment Back" and the link will allow you to make a comment on that person's page. Talk to you soon, my new friend!

At 2:19pm on March 28, 2008, Odds Bodkin said…
Thank you kindly, Dianne. You've provided a fine gift in launching this site, so thank you.. I'll do my best to contribute interesting items. And thanks for the invitation last week. I wouldn't have been aware of it otherwise.

Best regards,

At 1:12pm on March 28, 2008, Dianne de Las Casas, Founder said…
Yay! You did it! Glad you got your picture up! I'll never forget when I saw you perform live, your performance gave me chills. I thought, "I am watching a living legend!" You have that STAR quality, like David Holt and Bill Harley, that many people strive for but few achieve. It is an honor and a pleasure to have you on Professional Storyteller.

At 10:53am on March 28, 2008, Odds Bodkin said…
Thanks, Richard. I still remember that wailing banjo.
Best to you as well. Sorry about my photo here, I'll need to do something about that.

At 10:18am on March 28, 2008, Richard Stillman said…
Dear Odds,

Glad to see you've joined the website. I still remember the storytelling festival we did in NYC so many years ago

All the best

At 9:50pm on March 27, 2008, Don 'Buck P' Creacy said…
Hello Odds;

I didn't get a chance to talk to you at the National Festival about your performance and storytelling. I want to tell you now that it is spectacular. I sat the entire hour... immersed in the Oddessey... thank you . Thanks also for joining this great group of people. Check out the Groups, start one, peek into the FishBowl... lots of great stuff there.

Welcome again and I hope to know you better

At 4:03pm on March 25, 2008, Odds Bodkin said…
Well, Csenge and Tom, thanks. Feels like the Welcome Wagon from my childhood when neighbors showed up with casseroles and pound cakes for the new arrivals. Tom, you were in the audience in Rochester, MN, at the ballet? It was fun working with Rochester Dance Company. I told some stories at the Mayo Clinic, too. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the vocal effects are part of the technique.

Does this window support mp3 files, does anybody know?

Odds Bodkin



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