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At 8:42pm on November 29, 2012, Lois Sprengnether Keel (LoiS) said…

Happy birthday, Chloe!  I remember you from when you told for YES!  Hope you're still able to find time for storytelling.  I see it's been a while since you were active here.

At 6:37pm on February 11, 2009, Rivka Willick said…
I noticed you play the harp. You might want to check out Odds Bodkin.
At 8:25am on January 19, 2009, Ann Scroggie said…
What are your latest plans?
Are stories filling your time?
At 8:46am on November 7, 2008, Dale Jarvis said…
Hi there! I am spreading the word about the new World Storytelling Day group:

If you know of any storytelling events happening near you in March, let me know, and make sure to add them to the World Storytelling Day event list.

At 10:42pm on August 17, 2008, Rachel Hedman said…
Dear Chloe:

Thank you for being part of our 2008 Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance Pre-Conference. Pictures are up on the YES! profile on Professional Storyteller to reminisce and celebrate the success.

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
At 7:49pm on August 16, 2008, Rixon Lane said…
School play from a long time ago. I was portraying a juvenille delinquent, and I like my new hair-do so much I kept it for several weeks!
At 9:58pm on August 13, 2008, Rixon Lane said…
Thanks homeslice :-) I'll definitely be at the National Festival on Saturday. Football will get in the way Friday. Hope everything's going well with you.
At 12:01pm on August 12, 2008, Rixon Lane said…
I hate that I didn't get to see you at the conference, but everyone I talked to said that your workshop was great! Hope to see you real soon!
-Rixon Lane
At 12:32pm on July 31, 2008, Leeny Del Seamonds, Master Story Performer™ said…
Sadly, I'll miss seeing you (I don't get in until dinnertime on Thursday). Have fun in New York. At this point, I won't be going to China in 09 (or India this year). I have conflicting work here in the fall of 08 and 09. Sorry to miss these trips, but hope to return to China some day. Be well and see you down the path. xo, Leeny
At 12:18pm on July 31, 2008, Leeny Del Seamonds, Master Story Performer™ said…
Hi Chloe! Good to see you here. Hope all is going well with you. Miss your pretty face! We had such fun in China. Hey, I'll be seeing you in Gatlinburg! It will be great to hug you again. I'm arriving 8/7 (in time for Robert & Nancy's opening), and I'm presenting Sat. 8/9 last slot of the day. See you soon! xo, Leeny
At 8:12pm on July 28, 2008, Elaine Stanley said…
Hey Chloe,
How a doin'? Welcome to professional storyteller! I was so surprised and thrilled to hear from you! Any chance of you coming back to China with Eth-No-Tec next year in 2009? Your bio sounds like you are studying hard, and having some fun with all the hard work you are doing!! How's your study of Chinese going? You speaking Manderin yet? Take care and let's hear from you now and again!!!!
At 7:18pm on July 28, 2008, Catherine Moore said…
yes she did, and i'm bummed that she won't be there when i'm there.
anyway, i wish you all the best when it comes to your education and life in general. with your attitude, you'll go far.
At 6:03pm on July 28, 2008, Catherine Moore said…
i'll say hi to everyone for you.
after high school? well, i believe in taking one day at a time, but i'm probably gonna go to santa cate coufe com. college for certifirses in the arts. i don't yet know if i want to get a degree in anything, so i plan to just see what happens.
what about you? i'm sure your plans are alot more concrete.
At 8:38pm on July 26, 2008, Catherine Moore said…
rixon is pretty much the only one i keep in contact with regularly, and even that's not all that regular. i used to have heather green and joanna guy on myspace, but we never kept in touch, so i deleted them recently. other than that, jeremy.
At 11:45am on July 26, 2008, Catherine Moore said…
summer's been great, i don't want it to end. i've been able to take a couple vacations with my friends that were really awesome.
school sucks, as always. i've got a huge case of senioritis (i wasn't even aware that a homeschooler could be infected) so things really seem to be going slowly. i will hopefully graduate by january though.
as far as storytelling goes, i've really not been telling except every now and again in a guild setting. but i'm still attending every event i can which isn't as many as i'd like. :)
so, that's my life right now, in a nutshell.
not all that interesting.
At 2:45pm on July 25, 2008, Catherine Moore said…
yeah, i'm doing awesome! how're you?
and as far as the music thing, i just kinda stumbled on it by accident. cool stuff.
what've you been doing?
At 4:55pm on May 4, 2008, Lois Sprengnether Keel (LoiS) said…
Hi Chloe,
There's no need to apologize for the delayed response. Technology & time conflicts can slow us all down. The Yes! Pre-Conference in Gatlinburg is shaping up to be an exciting time indeed.

You mention being curious about my Liberetta Lerich Green reenactment. When you say, "I've never of heard anyone performing that before." I'm not surprised. Liberetta was a woman who grew up on a Michigan Underground Railroad Station. She also was active here on the Michigan homefront as a teen, while her 2 brothers fought in the Civil War. Once the war was over she married & became a farmer's wife. I bring her 100 years into the present, which is the future for her. Just last night I had the opportunity to present her at my "grandson's" party where he presented his 2d in a trilogy of mysteries. It was especially fun to talk with this "descendant" & contrast his life & how it was a continuation of family abilities & where it differed. Wally Green is actually older than I am, so that was fun, too. The descendants have welcomed me personally as family & I'm happy to do what I can to show how life was during Liberetta's time & how their family made a difference doing what they believed was important. Hope all of that makes sense. I have more on my website, but have learned that her oral history, which was the beginning of my research, has moved, so I need to update my link to it. As you said: technology seems to rebel.

I, too, look forward to meeting you. After your experiences in China -- where I can see that you had some experiences especially with Chinese youth -- it is interesting that you are aiming to become an ambassador. In some ways, each of us when we travel abroad are US ambassadors. May we both have the opportunity often & do it well for both the US & for storytelling. I believe you are doing that already.
At 6:40am on May 4, 2008, Eth-Noh-Tec said…
Chloe! Chloe! Chloe! Chloe! Chloe! Chloe!
How are you!? We miss you and love you! So glad to find you on this website! Please keep in touch. Email us: We went back to the Chinese storytelling village last summer (Sept.07) with a small group of 8 alumni from your group. We NOW planning a trip to INDIA! Nov 1-16, 2008. Any chance you can play hookie and come join the delegation? Call us to if you want. Want to know where you are, how to reach you, etc.: 415-282-8705.
At 8:33pm on April 22, 2008, Kim Weitkamp said…
Chloe!!! How are you!? Hope you are doing well. Maybe our paths will cross again in the near future.
At 9:58am on April 1, 2008, Steve Evans said…
Hey. Won't you consider joining the group Applied Storytelling: The Power of Story? Best wishes to you! STEVE



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