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At 8:12pm on September 19, 2009, Warren M. Mueller said…
My latest book, "The Past And Future King," will be released by the American Book Publishing Company in January 2010! I am currently looking for well known authors or persons to review it. This book is a Lord of the Rings style tale with Biblical themes. If you are interested in reviewing it, please write me at

I have attached the media release for further information:

CONTACT: Warren M. Mueller
(618) 692-8237

For Immediate Release

If You Liked The Lord Of The Rings, You’ll Love This Journey Into A World of Elves, Orcs, Wizards, Trolls & Fairies

The Past And Future King is the first book of an epic trilogy by Warren M. Mueller. It will be released by The American Book Publishing Company in January 2010.

Enter a world where people do not believe in fantasy but where each night their spirits travel to a parallel earth shifted in time and inhabited by elves, trolls, fairies and other mythical creatures. Just like dreams, these people have little or fuzzy memories of their nightly travels in the realm of fantasy. However, one summer night something strange happened that changed all this and signaled the merger of the world of fantasy and reality.

The Past And Future King is about an ordinary lad named Tom who has an unusual love of reading. He befriends an old scribe named Willet who introduces him to fantasy books which are generally frowned upon in Tom’s village. Soon the images in these fantasy books begin to captivate Tom until he is directed by Willet to visit a lake near his village where Tom sees himself drown in a recurring dream. Tom is threatened by wolves and decides to jump into this lake where he is drawn into a vortex and enters a parallel earth where dreams become reality. In this world, Tom is helped by elves and he is given a magical stone to help him fulfill ancient prophesies about becoming a Son of Light. According to these prophesies, the Sons of Light herald the merger of the parallel earths to form one new one in which The Past And Future King will return and evil will be vanquished forever.

The Past And Future King is Warren’s second published book by the American Book Publishing Company. Warren is a Christian author of fiction and non-fictional articles and books. Warren’s first published book, Truth Seeker: Straight Talk From The Bible, is a concise summary of what the Bible says about over thirty practical living and theological subjects with lots of Bible quotes. His articles are featured on the New York Times About Christianity and Christian Pulse web sites.

The Past And Future King is available in bookstores or online at
Visit his web site at
At 10:48pm on July 27, 2008, Steve Evans said…
Greetings. Congratulations on your forthcoming book! To join the group, simply click "Groups" at the top of the page, then click the "Biblical Storytelling" icon, then click where it says "Join this group". I hope you get some takers - I would be glad to help! Best wishes to you. STEVE
At 9:48am on April 1, 2008, Steve Evans said…
Greetings. I too believe in the power of God's Word and know that it can be understood, especially through its narratives. I have a desire to help make Scripture known to those who won't get it any way other than hearing it, in ways that they can understand it, respond to it, live and learn by it, and reproduce it.

Won't you consider two groups here in Professional Storyteller? One is Biblical Storytelling and the other is Applied Storytelling: The Power of Story.

Best wishes to you! STEVE
At 9:55pm on March 27, 2008, Don 'Buck P' Creacy said…
Hey Warren... I love that story too. I hope you learn to love this site as much as I have learned to love it. This place is great.


At 7:12pm on March 27, 2008, Tom Taylor said…
Can hardly wait, thanks!

At 6:54pm on March 27, 2008, Tom Taylor said…

Good to hear from you and, yes, Brother, I would LOVE a review copy of "The Once & Future King."

I can only imagine how exciting it must be knowing your "baby" is in final copy edit w/ your publisher.

Please keep me posted on how things are going -

In Him,

PO Box 209
Belton, TX 76513
At 4:34pm on March 27, 2008, Mike Lockett said…
Welcome to Professional Storyteller! Diane did a bang up job of creating a place where we can see who we are talking to and keep up with what is happening in the storytelling wirld.

I also am a new member here and took Tom's advice to join the Biblical Storytellers group. There are also some other nice groups. A friendy bunch! And NO SPAM... YEAH!
At 8:34pm on March 25, 2008, Tom Taylor said…
Hey, Warren, Welcome!

This is very strange - I wrote you about 2 hrs ago and now see no evidence of it....if you see it before I do, just pretend this didn't happen -

Where was I ? Oh, yeah - welcome -

Warren, very much heartened by your words, and thrilled to learn of your mission.

This is an awesome site - it helps every teller who invests time and effort in it. Wonderful folks -

I invite you to join our Biblical Storytelling Group, a relatively small, but growing precious core of tellers who are drawn to tell the most significant stories one could tell (all of which, and all of whom, are all part of The Story).

Thrilled you're here - let's talk. Welcome!




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