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At 4:16pm on August 17, 2009, Beatriz Montero said…
Thanks so much for your warm invitation. It´s a pleasure to be in this great site.
Greetings from Canarias islands,
Beatriz Montero
At 4:08pm on August 17, 2009, maureenBarry said…
Hello, I have been traveling and will be publishing my fourth book when I return home from Newfoundland. I have bee following yourperformances and I am interested in connecting with you down the road. In the fal I will be in St Marys , Ga and then traveling on my sailboat to the south.
Take care, and stay in touch,
At 1:13pm on August 17, 2009, Enrique Páez said…
Thanks for your wellcoming news. I feel like at home.
Saludos desde Canarias,
Enrique Páez
At 9:50am on August 13, 2009, Toril Kilde said…
Thank you for accepting me at this site!
My favorite myth is the myth of Inanna, goddess of heaven and earth. I have been telling this myth several times in Norway and Denmark and also combine it with a Goddess-workshop. To see the myth alive in our life today.
I enjoy to search for new ways on how the telling of myths and stories can help and give inspiration , in combination with workshops, drama, psychodrama and guided meditations. Thank you again for accepting me , I look forward to know more about storytellers and telling all over the world.
At 7:38am on August 2, 2009, Karin Ferry said…
Hello Dianne,

thank you for explaining the difference between a comment and a message, it is good to know! You have published many books! It would be interesting to hear more about them when we meet. Everything has gone well when meeting my publishers. I feel very glad. Look forward to meeting you at the conference.

All the best,

At 4:18am on August 1, 2009, Birgit Lehner said…
Dear Dianne,

thank you very much for your invitation - and thank you for founding this great site! It is so exciting to feel connected to storytellers from all over the world!
I am curious and looking forward to meet you in Lausanne!

Warmhearted greetings from Vienna,
At 8:37pm on July 30, 2009, Karin Ferry said…
Thank you, Dianne, for inviting me. I see that you have created this social network, I feel humble hearing that. I get nervous just to answer a letter for I don´t know if I will do it in the right place, and if I manage to do that I don´t know if I will press the right button to send it and keep wondering if it went away. I have asked some persons what is the difference between adding a comment and sending a message as the ted text goes but nobody has answered so I suppose it is a question you should understand without asking... Do you know? On my way to Lausanne I will meet a publisher for the first time, I feel excited about that. I look forward to meeting you in Lausanne, Dianne.

All the best,

At 7:31am on July 18, 2009, Pauline Cordiner said…
Hi Dianne!
Thanks very much for your kind welcome :)
This looks like such a good site for storytellers getting together - I'm glad I came across it whilst browsing the internet.
At 9:47am on June 9, 2009, Christi U. said…
Thank you, Dianne, for your warm welcome. I'm doing my best to find people who can help with this adventure. Luckily, there is an active storytelling group nearby, the Borotellers. One of them is a former mentor of mine, Jette Halladay. I will be attending the Jonesborough Storytelling Festival this coming year for the 4th time and hope to meet active contacts there as well. Plus, I'm doing a monthly storytime for a local bookstore, in addition to a special program at the library and hosting a workshop for kids in the fall. Wish me luck. And I appreciate your support.
At 7:18pm on June 8, 2009, Daryll Bellingham said…
Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to swapping ideas with storytellers from around the world.
At 10:29pm on April 23, 2009, Carolyn Stearns said…
Hi Diane, had some trouble trying to add an event. The calendar was on April I clicked the forward arrow to go to May and got April 2010 several tries could not get to May. Maybe there is a quick fix or I am missing something there.
At 8:04pm on February 6, 2009, Mark Harandon said…
Hi Dianne!
Thanks for putting this up on the net - it's just what we need! I'm adding to your uk membership, telling Cornish, Celtic, historical and modern tales, as well as teaching storytelling and using it in education. Wishing all the best for the site!
At 1:25pm on January 15, 2009, Pam Holcomb said…
Happy Birtday Dianne!! May this next year be very happy and prosperous for you!

Pam Holcomb
At 3:57pm on January 8, 2009, Rebecca L. Buscemi said…
Hi Dianne! I was looking at all of your wonderful work! I'm so impressed! I would love to read some of your books! I have a three year old, do you have anything that you can recommend that you wrote that he would enjoy? By the way, he enjoys everything!
At 10:57am on December 24, 2008, babacar ndaak said…
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At 11:23pm on December 23, 2008, Murti Bunanta said…
Hi Dianne, great to have you as a friend. All the best for Christmas.
At 10:52am on December 17, 2008, babacar ndaak said…
diane ! link with bartolomeu de las casas ? ( portuguese priest in 1500 ) ! have you seen our website :
babacar ndaak
senegal the land of LEUK ( the rabbit ) and BUKKI (hyena ) !
At 7:36am on December 7, 2008, Coralia Rodríguez said…
Hi Diana!
Gracias por haber creado este hermoso espacio de encuentro humano y profesional entre los narradores orales del planeta.
It's a beautiful idea, I love it!!!
Do you want to be my friend, even if my english is very poor?
At 12:12pm on December 1, 2008, Mike Lockett said…
Hi, Diane - did you ever get approved to do some teaching in Taiwan? It is such a wonderful place. Just thought I'd inquire. Mike Lockett
At 12:20pm on November 7, 2008, care2share said…
Hello Dianne,

Its nice to hear that your also a Filipina, well at least half. I look forward to share and learn a lot of new things from the great collaboration of different professionals all over the world.


Maria Gayla



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