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At 7:31am on October 21, 2008, Harvey Heilbrun said…
Thanks for the invite. Always glad to connect to other storytellers.
At 6:03am on October 21, 2008, Bill and Kath Worsfold said…
Hi Lynne and Lawrence - thanks for adding us as your friends! We love to connect with other tandem tellers whenever we get the chance.

Kath Worsfold.
At 6:13pm on August 23, 2008, Katye Jordan said…
Thanks! I would love to hear you both sometime. Tandem stories are great! What do you think are the perks of telling in tandem? It is something I would like to experiment with in the future : )
At 12:27pm on August 22, 2008, Deirdre Foster said…
nice to meet you
At 12:13pm on August 22, 2008, Deirdre Foster said…
delight my ear and lift my heart;)
At 5:36am on June 26, 2008, Jonatha Wright said…
Hi StoryHarmonics! Say, this is a great idea, listing separately and as your Tandem Team! I am pleased to have an easy placy to keep up with your latest adventures.
At 8:49pm on June 7, 2008, Rivka Willick said…
Welcome to All the Fringe that's Fit to Print. We'd love to hear about any fringe experiences, questions or thoughts. Since each fringe is different, please let us know about the fringes you've performed in or attended. Rivka
At 11:57am on June 7, 2008, Twice Upon a Time Storytellers/Gene & Peggy Helmick-Richardson said…
Love the name of your productions. I especially relate to Who am I and where is my coffee? Anxious to hear you!
At 10:45am on April 17, 2008, Helen M. Trencher said…
Nice to meet you, Lawrence and Lynne! Your programming sounds quite engaging and energizing.
At 6:44am on April 17, 2008, Fiona Weir (Flow Fiction) said…
Hi folks, sorry not have responded to you all or visited this site for a while - I have been writing a new play! I will respond to your particular message over the next few days ... honest! =) Fiona
At 4:35am on March 21, 2008, Dianne de Las Casas, Founder said…
Dear L&L ~

Glad you are enjoying the site! It's fun making new story friends, isn't it?! Yes, I did create the site to give storytellers a place to connect and have fun. I think it's working! Happy Tales to You!

At 7:28am on March 17, 2008, Fiona Weir (Flow Fiction) said…
Hi, thanks for your friend request - I'm flattered you noticed me! (Oh, is that that famous English self-deprecation creeping in already!) =)
At 3:17pm on March 12, 2008, Glenda Bonin said…
Dear Lynne and Lawrence,
Once again, our paths cross. I hope one day to be in Portland to meet you both in person. Please give my best to all (I plan to be in the Pacific Northwest during the summer of 2009).
At 6:34pm on March 8, 2008, Jonatha Wright said…
Dear Lynne and Lawrence--How enjoyable it was to talk with you today! We share a lot of storytelling interests and ideas. I am very excited about the contribution you will the making to the tandem book.
You have so much going on that is pushing your storytelling to new heights. How Harold and I would like to be able to see your one woman show, Lynne!
Let us all do our best to get to the storytelling festival in Orem, Utah next August. We can plan some neat stories for the swaps, and in that way, have an opportunity to see each other perform.
May this day and every day bring a new story into your lives.

At 1:29am on March 7, 2008, Michael D. McCarty said…
Yo Dynamic Duo:-)
At 10:28pm on March 6, 2008, Mylinda Butterworth said…
It is nice to see another tandem team on board. You will find several here along with lots of great forums to get involved with.

Always a tale to tell,
At 7:41pm on March 6, 2008, Don 'Buck P' Creacy said…
Hey gang... glad you are here.. You aren't going to believe how good this site is and how much stuff is available. Good discussions, interest groups, audio and video uploads ... poke around and have a lot of fun

At 12:29pm on March 6, 2008, Tim E said…
Glad you two joined! Welcome!
At 12:04pm on March 6, 2008, Rachel Hedman said…
Dear Lawrence and Lynne:

We have quite a few tandem teams on this site so I'm sure you will want to meet them all.

One of these tandems would be Jonatha and Harold Wright. They are writing a book on tandem teams. Jonatha is the voice on the "Professional Storyteller" site so connect with them if you haven't already.

By the way, welcome to the site.

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman



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