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Christmas Stories Irish

Started Oct 28, 2011

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Started this discussion. Last reply by Cathy Adams Aug 25, 2010.

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...And The Rockets Red Glare ... right on cue

Posted on July 8, 2011 at 3:00pm

The Best Kind of Payday

Posted on July 8, 2011 at 2:58pm

What,Am I out Of My Mind?

What, Am I Out Of My Mind? 

As if storytelling outdoors and beginning a new blog isn't challenge enough,  I've decided to further borrow trouble by kicking off something I call "Gorilla Telling."  I know, you can't tell a gorilla anything.

I am pretty sure there must be at least one other crazy person out there doing something very similar, if so please feel free to share your experiences, advice and the name of your therapist. Actually, it might just be a another form of… Continue

Posted on June 7, 2011 at 6:11pm — 5 Comments

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At 7:16pm on January 6, 2010, Denis Gessing said…
I am baaaack. Sorry got so much in the way of fun. Here's an entry if you want to continue. Or we could start anew. Let me know.

"What the hell.."
"Astroid bombardment I suspect, Auntie said, throwing me the towel as she ran pst me to the front of the ship. I started after and was quickly reminded I was going nowhere. MMy presence would only make things worse. I sat back down and let nature or rather nature's nemesis, run it's exhausting course. Another hit shook me from my perch. I got to my feet and took the chance I could get a glimpse outside from the chamber's porthole. What I saw sent me running back to my perch...
At 6:15pm on November 17, 2009, Olivia Wells said…
my keks - "and no sniggering Aunty, I know you find it difficult to understand why we humans have to cover up our most important bits, but..."

"Mr Micheal, the words were nowhere near my mind..please get fully undressed so that we can begin.."

Reluctantly I slid out of my synthopants and stepped into the blue light of the vibroshower, feeling the cleansing rays stripping off the greasy film which covered my skin, aaah the joy of freedom from the life giving, but uncomfortable slime which is a must for space travel.

"Did you take your pills this morning Mr Micheal?"

"Yes Aunty, of course I did"

"Are you sure? Aunty just checked the pill pack and it looks like you've missed a couple of days?"

"Oh, yeh, I slept late both mornings and forgot."

"Well you know what you must do now then, don't you?..."

"Oh please Aunty not now.."

"Mr Micheal, if you're going to stay fit and healthy you have to catch up, forgetting pills is a bad idea, you could end up with scrambled brains...not that....well never mind, swallow them all down now.."

Reluctantly, and in the knowledge that the next hour would be spent very close to the toileting area, running backwards and forwards in huge discomfort, I swallowed them all down...

Damn pills, played hell with my guts..but without Aunty to stand over me, who knows what I would be now...more of an ape than a human.

"Now because you've been a naughty boy, your fitness session will have to wait for an hour...go and rest until the tablets kick in.."

Lying down on a bench near the toileting area, I looked back through the synthaglass window at Miranda, who was busy finishing calibrating the readings from the Glomag. She seemed to have a tiny smile in her eyes as she concentrated on the work.

Looking at her face, you would never guess the history of this woman, who had been to hell and back - and that was another story entirely.

OOOOOhhow, the pills kicked in and I ran, hell for leather to get to the toileting area as fast as my feet would carry me, just in time.

"Aunteeeee...can I have a towel please?"..the sweat was dripping off my brow..

Aunty arrived at top speed and in that same instance, there was the most enormous boooooom, and a craft shaking reverberation which nearly knocked me out....
At 6:31pm on November 7, 2009, Olivia Wells said…
/...think mode again - the doctors told me before I left planet side that I had to lose this habit, it was limiting my personality...

"Micheal...hey YOU...get out of your head and into your body - have I got to remind you EVERY time?"

"Ok Miranda, I'm with you, let the hell out of here and take this Glomags readings quickly, before things get too hot"

With that I reached for the handipak, calibrated it quickly and put it into the exit chute, pressing the launch pad, to set off the chain reaction which would read the heat\light\weight and all the other damn readings that this lump of metal we rode in required of us.

A door sighed opn behind us, just as I finished the calbrations, and a familiar voice echoed in my head.

"Mr micheal, it is time to take your rest."

My metal friend Arcturus, accompaned us on this and many other trips, and to be honest, I was sick to death of his ministrations....

"Arcturus not NOW - we have much work to do before we move off I haven't got the time to rest right now".

"Mr Micheal, I appreciate how busy you are, and I also know that you are in need of your vito-shot, otherwise you will not be in proper shape for your fitness programme tomorrow"

Groaning inwardly, I had a vision of the torture chamber awaiting me midships - tomorrow it was my turn to go through the pain barrier.

"I know, I need my vito-shot, can't it wait a little longer - please?.."

"Now, NOW Mr M, you're being a very naughty boy, and if you aren't careful, Aunty Arcturus will smack your little botty and we don't want that now do we?" which point Miranda started to snigger behind her hand..

"And you can shuttup too you...WOMAN - or I'll call George, and then you'll smile on the other side of your face.."

The thought of George, her hyper fussy and very camp butlermaid cum nanny appearing in the cabin stopped the sniggers immediately.

"Ok Micheal, I can take over from here, you better go with Aunty..."

Unclipping from the seat, Aunty took me by the hand and led me out of the cabin....whoever invented these travel companions needed their bumps examining....
At 1:01pm on November 2, 2009, Olivia Wells said…
"Micheal - come back to me, are you WITH me - Earth to Micheal - WAKE UP..."

I struggled to focus on her voice, the orbs were still calling me, seemed to pull me into their heart, deeper and deeper and........"OUCH"

Miranda's hard hand connected with my cheek, and suddenly I grounded - back in the land of here and now.

"What in all hells name is THAT?"

"Oh usual you haven't be reading your starlog, have you? God give me strength, why did they land me in this forsaken lump of metal with a man?"

Smiling sweetly I responded with the age old story..."As you well know my dear this is a joint effort between our two planets to begin to move towards repairing the rift between man and woman caused by the thousand year Gender wars...I didn't WANT to be here with you but here we are stuck with each - lets get on with it eh?"

Miranda smiled -with her teeth, but not her eyes, and recalibrated the console,
"OK so we had better start examining this Glomag - just so you know what its called,
and commence a test run. Better put on the ear defenders before its music draws you in again."

I slipped on the silver ear defenders and slipped into the couch which gave me access to my workbench. It was going to be a long night - or day...or whatever the time was...
At 5:52am on November 2, 2009, Olivia Wells said…
"Dammit man, just for one moment will you keep your mind on WORK and not other things..."

I grumbled under my breath, I did ask to be placed in this goddam tin can with a woman whose face could launch a million ships..never mind a thousand!

Then, the ship seemed to turn itself inside out and upside down, my stomach briefly touched in with my feet before heading upwards to connect with my brain....

"Take control..NOW micheal..."

I reached groggily for the controls, they seemed to be moving in and out of focus, like some kind of monster in a mist.

"AAAARGH" my belly touched home again, and this time remained in my boots.

The fog cleared and I looked out of the starboard port just in time to see...what looked like a giant red onion floating in a dark sky...
At 6:56pm on October 30, 2009, Olivia Wells said…
She slipped by me in her shiny black body suit, the twinkle of star light that shone through the space port bent widely around her hips as she sat down at the console, and began to plot a course for the next solar system.

"Ok so what are the latest results from the Burr test you ran today?"

With a deep sigh, and a loud exhale, I reached above my head and punched in a complex code into the computer.

"No different from yesterday I'm afraid, those bastards are still not lining up as they should - you got any ideas?"

Turning her face fully towards me, she suddenly leaped out of her seat -

"look out........"

Please take the story from here...!




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